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I stopped into this ramen joint for a quick bite after a sub-par burger. Since they were out of Orion (one of my favorite Japanese beers), we tried this fucker from NJ. Pretty good – a mild stout.

ochado 6

My buddy ordered some chicken wings, which were nicely crisped and garnished with fried garlic and shallots. Very nice.

ochado 5

I went with the “Prawn Mee” ramen, which is a non-traditional bowl but the menu descritpion sold me on this over the porky miso varietal. It was good. It had a great spicy kick to a broth that was clearly steeped in shrimp shell stock goodness.

ochado 2

The egg was perfectly cooked, and all the shrimp within were similarly perfect. I didn’t love the way the scallions were shredded, but I swept those aside easily so they didn’t get tangled up in the noodles.

ochado 3

ochado 1

Overall I enjoyed it, so I will probably be back to try the miso ramen.

76 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002