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Best pizza in NYC. Yup, I said that shit. I’m a full-blooded Italian from Long Island who grew up eating mom’s homemade pizza, and friends’ grandmothers’ homemade pizza, and all the great spots on Long Island like Little Vincent’s, Agean, Sayville, and all the rest. Fuck them all, except for mom’s. Saluggi’s uses fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and a really light yet flavorful tomato sauce that makes their slices really shine out among a sea of shit in the city. Yes, yes, yes – everyone knows the big named pizza places in NYC and Brooklyn. Fuck those too. I’m TELLING you… GO HERE. You won’t be disappointed. I ate here for years and I still go out of my way for a slice whenever the mood strikes me.

DSC01035 new





Saluggi's Pizza - grabbed a slice of my favorite pizza in NYC to cap off the evening

saluggi's pizza slices




After your slice, you should check out the owner’s other joint, just around the corner – a great dive bar called “The Nancy Whiskey.” Here are some shots of it:





They serve food too – burgers and wings seem like solid choices, and there’s even a little upstairs seating area if the bar is too noisy for you.

325 Church St
New York, NY 10013

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

You may not know it, but I happen to be a huge pizz-o-phile. Growing up, I was spoiled by having my mother’s homemade pizza available on a nearly daily basis, so I have pretty high standards when it comes to the old sauce, cheese & dough combo. There are lots of different styles of pizza out there. I prefer a very crispy dough/crust, thin, with fresh mozzarella and a nice flavorful tomato sauce. Currently my absolute favorite, outside of my own and my mother’s, is Saluggi’s in Tribeca NY. Thin, crispy, fresh, and fucking delicious.

So anyway – the point of this quick post is to say that ALL New Yorkers are spoiled when it comes to pizza – not just the eye-talians who grew up with great home made shit. We have it made here for food in general, and when it comes to pizza, we are the best (FUCK Chicago – that’s right – I said it…).

That said, I recently became aware of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a budding pizza (and wings) chain. I was fascinated by the pics I saw, and by the method of cooking (mounds of ember-glowing coals roasting the pizza BBQ style in huge ovens), so I had to give it a try.

I must say – I am impressed. This is good pizza. Great sauce, nice crispy crust but with enough depth to satisfy those who like a little more chew or substance to the dough, and good bubbly, quality cheese. If this is the standard that the rest of the country can expect at these establishments, then pizza is finally going to be good outside of NY/NJ/CT/FL. FINALLY the rest of the country will get a taste of what REAL pizza is like. Not Dominos, not Pizza Hut, not California Pizza Kitchen, not Chicago deep dish garbage, which requires a fucking fork and knife instead of a one-hand fold… REAL NY PIZZA.

I wish them great success, and I hope they spread to more states. This is good news for the middle-of-nowhere places that get one of these chains in their strip malls. They will understand finally what pizza really means.

The wings are pretty good to boot. They taste like they’re fresh off the BBQ grill, roasty, crispy, and a little char. Very nice.

Check out the pics:

that’s-a-da pizza
and that’s-a-da chicken wing

4180 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Bohemia, NY 11716