I’ve been a little bit bummed out about the kiosks available at TurnStyle, the semi-new food hall located underground at the Columbus Circle subway station. It seems to be mostly coffee, candy and merchandise. I had high hopes for a Chinese noodle joint, but that spot turned out to be pre-packaged sushi and poke bowl counter.

Doughnuttery was a failure for me, as most of the toppings taste similar and the very small doughnuts are a buck each.

Bolivian Llama Party is a different story. This place is serving real food; not some pre-packaged bullshit.

Saltenas, in particular, are their specialty. They’re similar in form to empanadas but they differ in style. They typically consist of a soupy filling and a slice of hard boiled egg inside of a baked outer crust.

BLP case

BLP open

They also offer sliders, sandwiches and interesting drinks.

BLP sandwiches

Their Triple Pork sandwich is amazing!


Another spot I tried out is MeltKraft. This is also definitely worth a trip to Turn-Style.


The kiosks and stores will turn over every so often, making way for more restaurants and shops. Overall this place has a few great spots to eat and shop, but hopefully there will be more soon.

1000S 8th Ave
New York, NY 10019