Around the Hood in 8 Minutes

Friends! Check out my new show pilot for a friend’s YouTube channel that’s focused on ebikes. In my series, Around the Hood in 8 Minutes, I explore different neighborhoods of NYC, from sights to bites, in just 8 minutes! I hope you all enjoy it!

Episode 1: Lower East Side

Episode 2: Financial District

Episode 3: East Village Burgers

Episode 4: East Village Bars

Episode 5: South Street Seaport

Episode 6: Hell’s Kitchen

Episode 7: Tribeca

Episode 8: Electric Wednesday

Episode 9:  Brooklyn Waterfront

Episode 10: Brooklyn Breweries

Episode 11: Williamsburg Eats

Episode 12: Dimes Square

Episode 13: West Village

Episode 14: Alphabet City Eats

Episode 15: Meatpacking District

Episode 16: Hudson River Park

Episode 17: Two Wheel Tuesday