NYC’s Top 5 Places for Prime Rib

I’m still making my rounds in the NYC prime rib scene, but I’ve sunk my teeth into some of the best there is. This list represents the best I’ve had so far:

1) The Grill

Easily the best expression of the dish that I’ve ever had. Somehow the flavor from the crust penetrates all the way into the center of the meat. Sauces aren’t needed, despite there being a little bit of jus on the plate already, but it comes with shaved horseradish on top (if you so desire), and a duo of horseradish cream sauce and dijon mustard on the side. All served table side from a fancy rolling cart with hinged cloche.

2) 4 Charles Prime Rib

If you can manage to get a table here, you must order the prime rib. It is their sole purpose for existence. The real dilemma comes in the form of which version to order: King Cut (bone-in, pictured above), Queen Cut (boneless, and a little smaller), or English Cut (thinly sliced). Royal genders of our European cousins aside, you won’t be disappointed with whatever cut you choose.

3) Keens

An absolute classic. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s delicious. This and the mutton chop are the two items that put Keens on the map and set their place in stone among the best steakhouses in the world. If you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out. Plus I love that they use beef from Strassburger Steaks. Good people and fine quality products.

4) Smith & Wollensky

This joint is known for their prime rib and it’s been a mainstay in NYC since 1977. Almost any list you see that discusses prime rib in this great city will mention Smith & Wollensky. This baby is roasted to perfection with a good crust and a nice amount of cap meat. You really can’t go wrong.

5) Maxwell’s Chophouse

Last but certainly not least, Maxwell’s is my wild card choice. They’re new on the scene, but they’re coming out swinging! Their prime rib is available on the regular menu, but my friends and I called ahead to reserve a rack for six. This was downright barbaric! Watch:

Amazing. Dry-aged for 60+ days in house, this baby brought tons of flavor. I highly recommend it.

Honorable Mention: Porterhouse Bar & Grill

This joint offers prime rib regularly, and you can even call ahead to reserve a table for a special prime rib fixed menu meal. But they also have a special dry-aged prime rib meal for a bit more money. I have to say; they do a great job here.

2 thoughts on “NYC’s Top 5 Places for Prime Rib”

  1. Don’t sleep on Hillstone (formerly known as Houston’s). KILLER prime rib, sliced to your desired thickness (you’ll pay-per-ounce). Two locations in Manhattan and a great but little-know feature: there’s no corkage fee. Bring that Baller Bottle to sip with your p-rib!
    ps spinach-artichoke dip app is rightfully legendary and if ordered with entrees is the best creamed spinach side on the planet.

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