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Hungry Dads

I need to take a little time to talk about a really great podcast I’ve been tuning into recently. It’s called Hungry Dads, and it’s run by a buddy from law school who goes by the name Hugh Gallon. He and co-host Rod Budget yap it up about cool shit, like potato chips and fast food, while tackling important issues like “what qualifies as a sandwich,” and “how to sneak junk food snacks without your wife finding out.”

One of my favorites is their Taste Maker episode where they explore the idea of whether Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster character was tinkered with by the health police to eat more veggies on screen as the years progressed and people became more health-conscious and anti-cookie. What they discovered might shock you!

It’s really fucking addictive, and while my posts here are more vulgar and dirty than a Rob Zombie horror film playing full blast in a frat house full of penis-penetrated porn star posters, these guys keep it PG, professional and very family friendly. There’s something to be said about a couple of dudes who can keep you laughing your ass off and hanging on their every word without even dropping so much as a “shit” or an “asshole” here and there. Well played!

So anyway, this isn’t just a plug for their awesome podcast and website. A few weeks back my buddy Hugh asked if I’d be so good as to sit for an interview for their show. I was excited to do so! Below is an embedded youtube link with the full interview. If this is too long for you, head over to their website and check out the shorter snippets and interview highlights instead.

I’ll be joining them on their podcast every once in a while to have some fun and help tackle fun food issues with them. I definitely recommend that you give these guys a follow on Twitter, subscribe to their free podcast, and stay tuned!