The End Hot Sauce

Pepper Palace on Chartres Street in New Orleans sells a proprietary reaper pepper and habanero sauce called “The End.”

It’s probably the hottest sauce I’ve ever had, and I can fucking take the heat like a goddamn champ when it comes to spicy shit. I had to sign a waiver before trying it. Allow me to describe what happened:

I took a small plastic spoon of the shit, maybe a third of the size you get when you take a sample of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Just a dot, really. I placed it on my tongue and my mouth lit up with heat. To my surprise it actually had a nice smoky flavor to it. I experienced a jolt of energy, as if I just slammed a shot of strong espresso. That vibrance lasted almost a half an hour. When I swallowed the stuff, it warmed the inside of my body, as if I could feel it making contact with every surface my digestive system from my mouth down to my stomach. Heartburn, almost. Slightly painful.

Luckily I didn’t get any on my lips, and most of it stayed on my tongue before going down. I also didn’t develop any hiccoughs, to my surprise. But I can tell you that this sauce is pure insanity. If you’ve got the balls, give it a try. On our trip to New Orleans, we tried a lot of so called “crazy spicy” sauces, made with ghost peppers and reapers, but nothing came close to this shit. Crazy.

In case you’re wondering, New Orleans is famous for hot sauce. There are dozens of majorly famous brands that call the region home, such as Tabasco, Crystal and Louisiana Hot (obviously). When you walk the streets here, you are bombarded with all sorts of hot sauces for sale. I love it.

4 thoughts on “The End Hot Sauce”

  1. My friend had me try it. From how it sounds, I probably had more than you, but not by much and I can’t handle spice. I managed to get it down with 3 jugs of milk, some ice cream and ice cubes. My mouth was burning and my stomachs was churning. I went to the bathroom, expecting to throw up. But it stayed down. A few hours later it ALL purged out the other end. After that I thought: “God I’m hungry and i am never doing that again.”

  2. I tried this sauce in Panama Florida, had a drop scale1 through 5. 5 being you’re insane! So I tried 5 drops on a tortilla chip. At first, I had a nice warm feeling, I scoffed at the sales lady and said. This isn’t that hot. She let a slight giggle and said just wait a second. I then noticed a searing pain coming into my mouth and throat
    I broke out in a sweat, my mouth was hot as hell, I drank a Dr Pepper in basically 3 gulps, it hurt to breathe. After about 30 minutes, I realized the pain was going away. My stomach churned something fierce. I looked around and no one was around. So I farted HARD. The smell hit me and it smelled like I sold my ass to the devil. it was rank as hell. Some poor elderly lady come a walkin by and she is smiling. I start to look away like I didn’t notice the smell. She looks at me for a looong time. Her smile has now diminished to a frown. I try for play it off then I get hit with another fart. Only this one is silent. ♨ it smelled so bad. She started to walk by and started gagging as she walked behind me. She said ahead was dizzy. I tried to talk and ask if ahead was okay only to have another massive fart come out like thunder. She asked me, sir, did u fart? I said no, she just looked at me. I asked her was she okay and she said no, that smell made me dizzy and she didn’t feel good. I’m trying not to laugh at this point but failing. I held my laughs in but it made another powerful fart come out. This one was the Titan to the others. It lasted at least 15 seconds straight and it was gaining momentum. It was a long high loud fart followed by a low note longer fart. She said she couldn’t breath with that stench I got up and looked for help and a life gaurd came running and stopped almost instantly and said wth is that stench?!?! I said I have no clue. She gave me away sayin it is his ass hole. I said maybe it’s your upper lip and left. But other than that, it’s a good sauce.

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