Vincenza Truffle Salami

Whole Foods sells a reasonably priced black truffle salami at their cheese counter. The brand name is Vincenza. It’s not a bad item, and at about $6 for a chub, it comes in much cheaper than some of the high end truffle salami guys I’ve come across.



The flavor has a bit more of a spicy kick than other truffle salami brands I’ve tasted, but it still has a decent earthy, funky truffle essence. It’s not just truffle oil for the flavoring either – I can see the little black bits of truffle in the mix (it is also listed in the ingredients). That’s a good sign.


While it’s not my favorite truffle salami, it’s definitely good for when I’m looking to save a few bucks. And it’s seemingly always available in abundant quantities at the cheese counter.


It turns out this company makes some other decent salamis as well. I tried two more the following week and liked them both, though neither had the same earthy character as the truffle salami.

Venice style – similar to the truffle salami about, but without the truffle notes.

DSC00560 vincenza

DSC00563 vincenza

DSC00564 vincenza

DSC00567 vincenza

Cacciatorini style – slightly more garlicky and sweet.

DSC00561 vincenza

DSC00570 vincenza

DSC00574 vincenza

DSC00577 vincenza