Mr. Beef

My wife and I hit this joint on the way home from a speakeasy next door called The Drifter. I couldn’t resist with a name like Mr. Beef.

With a no-frills interior and a simple flat top griddle in back, this was a no brainer joint that I had to try.

We took a sandwich to go, with the dip sauce on the side.

Not too bad, but I would have liked a better giardiniera with more than just celery. The spicy peppers were nice though.

Meat quality wasn’t as good as Portillo’s, but it’ll do the job if you’re in a bind.

666 N Orleans St
Chicago, IL 60654

2 thoughts on “Mr. Beef”

  1. Vin, you hit some of my favorite places from my trip to Chicago 2 years ago. I went to Mr. Beef my last night there. That summer, they had some very strange hours, they would close at a normal time for a dinner crowd, and then reopen for the late night munchies. It was about a half mile from my hotel and I walked over there at something like 2am. While not as good as Portillos, it really hit the spot at that hour!

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