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Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

Stan’s is a donut and coffee shop that we hit a couple of times during our trip to Chicago. The turnover here is so frequent that you’re almost always guaranteed a warm, fresh donut. We tried the apple fritter and the blueberry cream cheese filled.

Here, the blueberry was the winner.

This joint is definitely worth hitting for interesting on-tap coffees (like barrel aged cold brew, or nitro) and fresh, uniquely flavored donuts.

181 Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60601

Verdigris Tea

My wife and I stopped in here for a quick sip of tea and a bite of some desserts when we were up in Hudson, NY.

The cookie had a tasty and soft center, and the banana cream pie was really smooth. Not too rich, so I liked it.

We sampled a few teas (green and black), and I slammed the pink lemonade. I really liked the green tea, because for once in my life it was sweet and not bitter.

135 Warren St
Hudson, NY 12534

Coney’s Cones

This post is more about ice cream and slushy awareness than an actual review. Coney’s Cones is a nice little gelato shop on the boardwalk in Coney Island.


We picked up a nice red, white and blue slushy to cool off on a hot-ass American ball-sweat Saturday.


As you can see, my wife and I took some assholey photos of the drink with the Wonder Wheel in the background, because Instagram responds to retarded shit like this.


The drink itself was okay. It was refreshing and not over-the-top sweet, so that’s a plus. I’d go with the gelato next time, or maybe some soft serve. This next photo was from 2007 in the off-season:

coney island 227 re-edit

1001 Boardwalk W
Brooklyn, NY 11224