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Velotric Discover 1 E-Bike

Check out my unboxing, assembly and user review/experience of the new Velotric Discover 1 e-bike.

This is a great commuter bike for the city!

If you’re interested in getting one, they’re currently running an Easter deal for $300 off with code EASTER. Click HERE to go grab yours!

You can also check out:
The Velotric YouTube Channel
The Velotric Instagram Page

ZOOZ Ebikes Coupon Code $100 Discount

This isn’t meat-related at all, but I wanted to let everyone know of a great discount code I have going for ZOOZ ELECTRIC BMX BIKES.

Use promo code JOHNNYPRIME for a $100 discount at check-out!

I have one of these beasts coming to me in a week or two, and I can’t wait. It’ll make my daily commute in NYC so much better. This stealthy bike can go over 30mph, and is totally street legal in NYC.