The Soup Man

Put my dick in this joint on the way home from dinner tonight just to see how warm the soup was as it brushed up close to my ball bag.

For real though – I’ve been walking by for months now and just had to try it due to their massive signage and Seinfeld reference:

20141103_193733_LLS 20141103_193649_LLS

Advertising success!

I grabbed a large of the crab and corn soup. It was delicious, and it had big chunks of real crabmeat inside. Very tasty.

20141103_193631_LLS 20141103_200205_LLS 20141103_200501_LLS

And you’ve gotta love the random apple and chocolate they put in the bag with your soup. What the?!??


259 W. 55th St.
New York, NY 10019