Caliente Cab

Caliente Cab has been around since I first moved to the city in 2000. In fact, I think it opened up about 30 years ago. It’s become a regular spot for people on the prowl for warm-weather drinks and reasonably priced Mexican eats. I was invited in to take pics of some menu items for Instagram fodder. Take a look below:

Frozen “Miami Vice” (strawberry daiquiri mixed with pina colada):


Fresh corn tortillas for the table, nicely wrapped:


Guacamole (my favorite part of the meal, along with a trio of salsas):


Sampler combo platter, consisting of a short rib taco, a chicken burrito, a steak enchilada, rice and beans:



And a burger topped with pepper jack cheese and chipotle aioli:


The burger was dry due to being overcooked (well done instead of medium), with a semi-hard bun – let the jokes commence… But the guacamole was nice, as was the salsa trio (not pictured). The sampler combo platter was actually decent and nicely priced, though I did develop some heartburn afterwards. But the drinks are really where this place shines. They serve up some really nice flavored margaritas (salted watermelon, in particular, sounded very good). I’d definitely go back for those, along with a nice big bowl of guac and chips.

61 7th Ave S # 1
New York, NY 10014