Premium Sweets

After eating Bangladeshi food across the street, a group of us walked into this joint for dessert.

Premium Sweets0001

The display case glowed with interesting shit I’d never tasted before.

Premium Sweets0003

Premium Sweets0002

We tried several items, most of which had similar flavors (dense, yet sugary and moist quasi-cakes), but each was packaged and presented with different textures, colors, etc.

Premium Sweets0004

The most interesting was this spherical thing that had smaller spherical things attached to it like sprinkles. In the middle was a pink colored paste of some kind. It tasted like a very light cheese cake.

Premium Sweets0005

This actually tasted like sweet cheese in a creamy cold broth.

Premium Sweets0007

But my favorite was this snaggle of deliciousness, which was essentially a honey-soaked funnel cake. It was crispy on the outside but juicy through and through. When biting down on it, the liquefied honey just oozed out like squeezing a dessert sponge. Yum!

Premium Sweets0006

3714 73rd St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372