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Xi’an Famous Noodles

Xi’an Famous noodles are good even in take-out form. My wife brought home some nice wide, flat chow fun style noodles for dinner tonight: one with beef, one with chicken and one with pork.




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I think the chicken was the best, because the meat was just so incredibly tender. The pork was tasty, but a little dry. The beef was spicy and had a more robust kick to it, but ultimately I kept going back to the chicken for the meat.

We also tried some sweet and sour tofu soup, which was pretty good as well:


But the most interesting item of the night goes to this “lamb burger.” It wasn’t really in patty form. It was more like a Sloppy Joe, with loose chopped meat and some peppers, onions and spices.


And what Chinese meal on lunar new year would be complete without a sweet, sticky rice new year “cake?”


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UPDATE 7/5/17

I really do love these noodles. Picked up four on my way home from work. I killed two in one sitting.

24 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036