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Gary West Artisan Smoked Meats

It’s National Jerky Day so I need to give you fuckers something for it. I recently got my hands on a bunch of flavors of this brand during a Certified Angus Beef tour of a meat purveyor near NYC (DeBragga).

This stuff is really good, and it reminds me of the stem portions of the “Say it with Beef” jerky rose bouquet that my wife got me for Valentine’s Day.

I highly recommend this product. Every flavor is delicious, tender and flavorful, as they are all made with CAB brand high quality meats. If you see it around, buy it all up.

Georgia Land & Cattle Jerky

This stuff was sent to me by a friend from down south.

I really loved the peppery flavor it had. Good salt levels as well. The jerky itself was cut into long skinny strips, which made it easy to handle and eat. The meat was just a little brittle and hard to chew. Not that it wasn’t tender – it was just very hard/dried. Over all I enjoyed it though.


Chomps brand beef sticks are similar in size and style to Slim Jim brand jerky sticks, but they are a bite more tender and less grainy. A nicer quality. My wife picked these up for me as a gift, and I liked them.

“Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt” (venison) and “Hoppin Jalepeno” (grass fed beef) were my favorite flavors.

Worth a shot!

Gold Emblem (CVS) Jerky

Not too bad for a store brand jerky. I tried the teriyaki turkey flavor.

Predictably, it was a little brittle and dry, but once you got going, it became tender.

I would buy it again.

Ascend Jerky

Ascend makes a really tasty Thanksgiving Turkey flavored jerky.

This bag contained three servings at 80 calories a pop.

I ate the whole thing during lunch with a few other low calories snacks and veggies, and was completely satisfied for the whole day, through to dinner.

Really tender, and great “autumnal” flavor that incorporates all the herbs and spices you associate with a Thanksgiving feast. Highly recommended.

Perky Jerky

This turkey jerky is pretty nice. At just 80 calories per serving, it’s super healthy and satisfying too.

This is just a half serving pack (40 calories). I liked the Jamaican spice flavors on it. It was tender too. Solid brand.

Sweetwood Jerky

Sweetwood Jerky Co makes a really nice, tender, sweet and spicy beef jerky.

I was really happy with this one. Look at the pepper seeds! But that spice was nicely balanced by the sweet, so it didn’t blow up my taste buds. I highly recommend.

Stewart & Co. Jerky

I recently tried this “lake house lime and chili” flavored beef jerky from Stewart & Co.

I was really impressed with the calorie count and serving size. This will satisfy your post-lunch hunger pangs without spending too many calories in the process. Very healthy.

The meat itself was tender and flavorful, without being overly salty or spicy. I really enjoyed it. Grab yourself a pack!

Many Pastures Alpaca Stick

I’ve been hitting the jerky hard lately, as you might have noticed. The reason why is because I have a sack of jerky packages and meat sticks from a recent food show that I attended. All these companies were giving out samples, and I grabbed as many as I could carry without ripping the ligaments from my arms. Slowly but surely I am getting through them all, one by one.

This is a unique meat protein: alpaca. It tastes like any other beef, chicken or pork stick. A little less greasy than some. Not grainy, good smoke flavor without too much casing skin. I liked it. It’s similar to some of the ones I tried from “Buffalo Bob’s” – unique proteins like gator, kangaroo, etc.

Anyway this one is pretty good. I still like the flat sticks from Buffalo Bob’s better, in terms of exotic protein snack sticks and jerkies. I think this was 50 calories based on an online search (nutritional info was not printed on the individual wrapper – likely on the multi-pack box though).

Vermont Beef Sticks

These little chubby, stubby beef and pork snack sticks were tasty.

Tough to choose a favorite between the two, but both were low calorie and satisfying.

I’ll have to keep my eye out for more flavor varieties. I definitely recommend.