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I’m officially hooked on this place. A while back, my wife and I stopped in for a drink and an app – the fritto misto. We were already sort of full, but that plate of mixed fried items like calamari, olives, lemon rinds, shrimp, and artichoke really made us want to go back.

Last night we finally did! We tried two more apps, meatballs and fried zucchini blossoms. All were incredible. In fact, the meatballs are some of the best I’ve had outside of family.

The fried zucchini blossoms are stuffed with velvery smooth ricotta and served with an anchovy pesto oil. I liked swiping them in the meatball sauce though.

The pasta entrees are pretty large servings! Check out this massive bowl of gnocchi with peas and mushrooms.

The cavatelli with duck meat ragu was a massive serving too.

They had to be half a pound each. We couldn’t finish! I’ll definitely be back here to try more pastas, and perhaps one or two of the fish items from their entree menu.

On another trip, we tried more shit. The radicchio salad and bresaola were both excellent, as were the negronis.

This cuttlefish ink pasta reminded me of Venice.

Finished every damn bite of it.

Great light red sauce with clams too, which reminded me of home.

This pork shank is incredible, on a huge bed of cheese polenta!

This marinated rib eye is decent. I’d get the pork over this, but I still enjoyed because I knew exactly what to expect given the description and the price point.

I give this a 6/10 since I’m comparing it to the big boys in dedicated steak joints, but I would definitely get it again.

For dessert, we tried the hazelnut crumble gelato, the panna cotta and the tiramisu. All really nice.

136 Division St
New York, NY 10002

Tutti Matti

Tutti Matti opened up in January. They’re slinging some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. Their pizza is Amalfi Coast style, which is cooked a little longer than Neopolitan style.


The crust is light, airy and crisp, yet it still has a doughy quality to it, so it isn’t stiff.


This crust makes for a great calzone too:



Our friends at The Creative Shake and Eaters Drinkers invited us here for a press meal, where we were able to sample a bunch of pizza as well as some of their regional Italian cuisine. Of course a really nice selection of Italian inspired cocktails were flowing.



This pasta dish is made with spicy nduja and tuna. You wouldn’t think the two go together well, but it was tasty.


I regret that I didn’t get a chance to sample the lasagna, but it looked and smelled delicious.


Fried seafood, very light and crisp, and served with a zucchini cream sauce that was incredible!


My favorite of the non-pizza items were these lamb chops. They were perfectly cooked, well seasoned and beautifully plated.


Last of the savory items was this chicken cutlet that was pounded flat, breaded, fried and topped with arugula, tomato and balsamic vinegar. Very simple and tasty – plus I thought it was kinda shaped like the Millennium Falcon.


For dessert, we all destroyed this delicious Nutella pizza:


This place has two chefs: a pizza chef, and a cuisine chef. I only spoke to the latter, Luigi, who served up the lamb that I loved so much. I was glad to have the opportunity to tell him just how awesome those chops were.


This place is just one stop into Long Island City on the 7 or E trains. I will definitely be back for more of that pizza and lamb in the future. In addition, they have the following weekly specials: 20% off lunch from noon to 3pm during the week; gnocchi night on Monday ($17 all you can eat); pizza night on Tuesday ($16 unlimited slices); ladies night on Wednesday (first glass of wine $13, rest of the night is free from 5pm to close); Thursday through Sunday $1 oysters 5pm to close; and Happy Hour all week from 4pm-7pm with $7 wine and $5 beer. Pretty amazing!

UPDATE 6/15/16

FINALLY got a chance to come back here and sample some more pizza and other dishes. The pizza still holds up as one of the best in town, easily. We tried four different pizzas:

Campagnola (tomato, prosciutto, arugula, parmesan)



Black truffle!!!



Radicchio and sausage.


Broccoli rabe and sausage.


I think that last one was my favorite, but it was really tough to choose a best of the four.

We also samples some pasta dishes. First was this buccatini. Very simple and nicely executed:



Next was linguine with clams. Stunning presentation and very nice, mild flavors. Not too heavy with the garlic and oil.





Last, baked gnocci. While these were heavy, they had a lot of flavor.


Of course I had to get the lamb chops again since I loved them so much last time.



Only this time we also threw some rib eye into the mix! This 32oz offering for two was only $64. Not bad, however I felt that it was a bit over cooked on the edges (it was a thick cut) and slightly under seasoned. It just needed a hit of salt and pepper. 6/10.



Since we came in with a pack of about 15 food bloggers, they threw in a piece of tiramisu on the house for us. Very nice, and with good coffee flavor!


47-30 Vernon Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101