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Trader Joe’s Snacks

In addition to its jerky products, Trader Joe’s makes some great and wallet-friendly snacks. I’ve chosen to highlight three of them here in one review.

First is the Giant Peruvian Inca Corn.


These are under $2 a bag, and are essentially giant corn nuts that are lightly salted.


They’re light, and fulfilling. Very easy to just keep popping one after another, all night long.


Next is the Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crunchies.


These come regular style too, orange colored, but the jalapeño gives it a mildly spicy kick that’s just a bit nicer overall. These are also under $2 per bag.


The flavor is light, not overly cheesy. There’s utterly no grease, since these are baked instead of fried. Great snack.


Finally, these Roasted Plantain Chips are amazing.


The light dusting of salt on them cuts their natural sweetness. They’re thick cut too, so you feel like you’re eating a kettle cooked potato chip, only much healthier.


These are only about $1 or $1.20 a bag, so get a bunch of them to stock up. Trust me; you’ll go through them like crazy, and they’re way better and cheaper than the plastic tubs that sell for about $8 for a similar amount at Whole Foods.


Joe’s Pizza

I love the pizza here. It’s flat, crispy, has fresh mozzarella, and nice sauce. This famous pizza joint was even featured in the movie Spider-Man. Go here if you are ever in the Bleecker and 7th Avenue area. You won’t be disappointed. Throw some fresh basil on this and it is a perfect pie.


Joe’s Pizza
7 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014

Joe’s Sirloin Burger Grill

This new joint on Long Island serves up some pretty damn good grub. And it’s right near my brother’s house, so now there’s a sweet go-to spot for when I visit.


I had the classic bacon cheeseburger with added jalepenos. This was awesome. My only real gripe is that I wish they used fresh jalapeños instead of pickled pre-sliced ones. No matter though, because it was still jerkworthy:



I had half of my wife’s gorgonzola burger too. This was great as well, and the cheese did not overwhelm the meat:


The cool thing is that, like Charly’s, the burgers are packed in clamshells rather than wrapped up in paper. The rigid packaging material prevents burgers from getting all fucked up in the bag if you buy it to go.


The fries and onion rings were solid too. I liked the onion rings better than the fries, but I attribute that to the fact that they held up better in the bag. We arrived out to LI late, so my brother picked dinner up for us. Even after sitting in the bag for a while the fried items were still pretty crispy. Nice!



1400 Lakeland Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716